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Winter Food For Bluebirds

The bluebird's diet is primarily protein -- more than 60% in the winter, and reaching a high of 93% in the spring and early summer. Insects will always be the preferred food of bluebirds, but berries can sustain them during bad weather.

The Eastern Bluebird loves berries from the dogwood, along with a dozen or more other wild berries. The Mountain Bluebird prefers grapes and elderberry, while the Western Bluebird might select mistletoe, fire thorn, lantana, or Toy on berries.

If you are fortunate enough to have bluebirds over-winter in your backyard, help them out. Be sure to include a delicious dish of Bird Grub on your restaurant menu. You can also try Bluebird Banquet, a perfect dietary supplement for bluebirds. A crumbly mix of such bluebird favorites as peanut butter, sunflower seed chips, dehydrated cherry bits and rendered suet, Bluebird Banquet is a balanced food that bluebirds prefer it nearly two to one! Use in your See-Through Bluebird Diner, Natures Suet Feeder or any other bluebird feeder year-round, and watch bluebirds flock to your backyard! Finches, orioles, woodpeckers and other songbirds also enjoy Bluebird Banquet.

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