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Why Lawns Alive! is the best thing for your lawn!

Chemical fertilizers give plants a quick but short-lived boost. Their chemical salts drive the life out of your soil, making the lawn more dependent upon chemicals and more vulnerable to insect and disease damage.

As all-natural Lawns Alive! biodegrades, it feeds the soil steadily, and the soil becomes a reservoir of nutrition for plants. Lawns Alive! helps earthworms and soil bacteria to thrive. The "soil life" makes even more nutrients available to your grass.

  1. No thatch build-up.

    Thatch is a sign that natural growth cycles have been interrupted by inorganic fertilizers. Roots grow to the soil surface where nutrients are available, become intertwined, and form thatch between the soil and the blades of grass. The more you use chemicals, the thicker the thatch barrier becomes. But Lawns Alive! penetrates soil and helps roots reach down, not up, for nourishment.

  2. Opens up soil structure.

    Rock-hard soil develops under thatch when quick-fix chemicals are used. Soil becomes compacted, barren of beneficial microorganisms. But Lawns Alive! adds the humus building materials your soil needs; so water, nutrients, and grass roots can penetrate.

  3. You'll water less.

    In a good organic sod, humus soaks up water and releases it slowly as plants need it. In heavily thatched, chemically treated lawns, the compacted soil underneath can't absorb water, which then runs off or evaporates. The runoff leaches caustic fertilizers – polluting water supplies!

  4. Steady, healthy growth.

    As thatch layers build up, grass needs "fixes" of chemical fertilizers more often. Spurts of rapid growth are followed by rapid decline until the next chemical treatment. But just two feedings a year of Lawns Alive! keep grass green by releasing nutrients steadily.

  5. Crowds out weeds.

    As thatch thickens, grass density decreases, creating bare spots for weeds to sprout. But Lawns Alive! helps keep lawns dense so they can crowd out stubborn weeds.

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