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Bird Bio - Western Bluebird

Common Name:

Western Bluebird.

Scientific Name:

Sialia mexicana


  • Belongs to Thrush Subfamily
  • Male- head, throat, wings, tail- deep purplish-blue; red on chest
  • Female-gray throat; grayish-blue head and back; light blue wings and tail


  • Egg description: pale blue
  • Nest description: Cup shaped; Made of grasses, weed stems, feathers, pine needles
  • # Eggs: 3-8, one egg laid per day
  • Length of Incubation: 13-14 days
  • Fledging Age: approximately 20 days
  • Broods/season: 2, Considered monogamous
  • Longevity of Adult: 5 years


  • Open woodlands and Pasturelands
  • Old trees for nesting sites need to be present
  • Oak woodlands above elevation of desert
  • Open coniferous forests
  • Also found in farmland
  • Will use man-made nests and visit feeders


  • Ground feeders but will catch some insects on the wing
  • Primarily insects
  • Will eat fruit, berries and weeds seeds


  • Winter: Partially migratory-will move to lower elevations during winter months


  • House Wrens
  • Fire Ants
  • Deer Mice
  • House Sparrow
  • European Starling
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