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Bird Bio - Warbling Vireo

Common Name:

Warbling Vireo

Scientific Name:

Vireo gilvus


The Warbling Vireo stands about 5-1/2" tall. Both the male and female are pale gray with slightly greener tones, and have a dull white eyebrow and belly.


The nest of the Warbling Vireo is a compact cup, made from grasses, bark strips, and leafy material, usually bound together with spider web. The Warbling Vireo constructs its nest in tall trees, as high as 90 feet above ground. The females lay 3-5 white eggs with brown spots. The eggs are incubated 12-14 days, and fledglings leave the nest at 12-16 days. It is believed Warbling Vireos only produce one brood per season.


The Warbling Vireo makes its home in deciduous and mixed woods, among shade trees and groves, and in shade trees in suburban areas. These birds can be found in western Canada, throughout most of the U.S. in the Summer, migrating to Mexico and Nicaragua in the Winter.

The diet of the Warbling Vireo consists of 99% insects in the summer, and in the late fall it will also eat seeds and berries.

The Warbling Vireo nest can be parasitized by cowbirds.

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