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Want To Grow Bigger Tastier Tomatoes?

If you want to grow tomatoes that are big and beautiful enough to win a blue ribbon at the State Fair, you may need to give Mother Nature a little help to overcome poor soil.

Tomato plants have very specific nutritional requirements. They need the right amount of calcium, magnesium and other micronutrients to build cell wall structure and increase plant vigor. A new plant food called Tomatoes Alive! Plus from Gardens Alive! is specifically formulated to give tomato plants the exact nutrients they need. Tomatoes Alive! Plus features a blend of fast-and slow-release ingredients to provide the nourishment plants need for steady, healthy growth and bountiful crops.

In trials at the Gardens Alive! Research farm in Indiana, plants grown with Tomatoes Alive! Plus produced 150% more tomatoes than plants grown without any fertilizer. Plants fed with Tomatoes Alive! Plus produced 25% more tomatoes than plants grown with the company's popular Tomatoes Alive! Fertilizer. With just two feedings per season, plants produce more blossoms and set more and larger fruit. Tomatoes Alive! Plus also works well on peppers and eggplants because they're genetically similar to tomatoes.

A one-pound package of Tomatoes Alive Plus is enough to feed seven plants for an entire season.

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