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Use Beneficial Nematodes To Control Lawn Grubs

If Japanese beetle grubs are feeding on the roots of your lawn, causing unsightly brown patches and even extensive lawn damage, it's time to use Mother Nature's secret weapon: beneficial nematodes.

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial nematodes, nature's way to control Japanese beetle grubs, are microscopic worms that live in the soil. These nematodes actually
infest and kill grubs by feeding on and reproducing within the grub's body. In time, each grub in your lawn becomes a hatchery for 35,000 or more juvenile nematodes, which are ready to search for and destroy more grubs. The more grubs in your lawn, the more the nematode population increases.

After working with beneficial nematodes for over a decade, Gardens Alive! has found a superior strain of nematodes that provide quicker and better eradication of grubs. Its Grub-Away Beneficial Nematodes travel up to 10 times farther and much deeper into the soil than other nematode strains.

Most importantly, Grub-Away controls both Japanese beetle grubs and masked chafer beetle grubs, which are harder to eradicate. Surprisingly, masked chafer beetle grubs cause well over 50% of all lawn-grub damage. Japanese beetle grubs get most of the blame for lawn damage because the adult beetles are so visible and destructive. In contrast, the adult masked chafer is not often seen because it feeds at night.

Grub-Away is an excellent pest control for vegetable gardens, too. Not only does it control many caterpillars, weevils and borers in or on the surface of the soil, it also controls flea larvae. And unlike the harsh chemicals often used to kill grubs, nematodes are harmless to humans, pets, birds, earthworms, bees and beneficial insects.

Grub-Away offers excellent control for the entire growing season and right through until the next spring. Gardens Alive! ships its Grub-Away Nematodes at the proper time for your area, or on the date you specify.

Simply mix the package containing the Grub-Away Nematodes with water and spot spray on grub-damaged areas at a rate of 10 million nematodes per 600 square feet. You don't need to spray the whole lawn-just the grub-infested areas. Grub-Away starts killing grubs within 48 hours!

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