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Tube Feeders

Tube feeders have consistently provided a simple, functional way to bring multiple type of birds into your backyard habitat. The design dictates which species it will attract, allowing you to be selective of the birds visiting your feeders. Tube feeders are also easier to clean, helping maintain the health of your backyard birds.

Tube feeders provide superb viewing opportunities. Having anywhere from four to eight feeding portals, most tube feeders accommodate many birds of various species feeding simultaneously. Seed in tube feeders is protected from adverse weather and dampness.

Different sized portals on tube feeders allow you to dictate which birds you want to visit your feeder. The standard, larger portal distributes sunflower and other seed to the smaller perching birds, while the smaller niger seed portal narrows down the attracted birds to mainly goldfinches, pine siskins, and redpolls. A niger tube feeder with perches over the portals will further narrow down your visiting birds almost exclusively to goldfinches.

Larger birds avoid tube feeders since they can't perch around small perches such as those on a tube feeder. If you do wish to attract larger birds to your tube feeder, adding a tray onto the bottom will help accomplish this.

Tube feeders are most commonly hung from a tree or pole, but may also be mounted atop of a pole. The feeder should be placed in an accessible and easily visible location and height, but not within 10 to 15 feet of trees or shrubs (to avoid squirrels or other pests from accessing it).

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