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Thirteen ways to Stop Slugs

"There Must be THIRTEEN Ways To Stop Your Sluggies"

Question. Mike: How do I rid my romaine of those pesky slugs? They have invaded my 1st ever crop of lettuce!

---Donna in Woodstown, NJ

We planted host as in the garden in back of our brownstone and now they're covered in holes. We've seen a few slugs in the area, so we're guessing it must be them. We've got pets and a toddler so want to treat the problem organically. Any "eco-friendly" advice on how to get rid of slugs?

---Hannah in Brooklyn, NY

Help! Do nematodes work on slugs? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

---Karen in Iowa

What is the best way to control slugs in vegetable gardens?

--Eileen in Anchorage

What's eating my basil before I can? The leaves are half gone already. I don't see anything, but I'm going to try looking when it's dark to see if slugs are the culprit. If they are, is beer an OK organic solution?

----Colleen in Spokane WA


Thank you ladies! Your varied locales—East, West, smack in the middle, and Alaska—should help reassure all of our mollusk-munched listeners that slugs are a universal problem. And yes—unexplained, raggedy-leafed damage occurring overnight in your garden is likely slugs. Go out with a flashlight around midnight to confirm this—and to get REALLY grossed out.


You Bet Your Garden   Question of the Week ©2005 Mike McGrath


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