The Dripster™ Irrigation Kit

The Dripster™ Irrigation Kit

Easy assembly for containers or garden

Extensively tested by our research team, the Dripster Irrigation Kit is the perfect watering tool for containers, raised beds and in ground or garden plantings. Requires no additional tools or digging! Completely customizable, adjustable drippers allow for efficient watering that saves time and water. Cultivate happier, healthier plants with consistent watering available through this easy to use kit!

Kit includes: irrigation hole punch tool, 10 goof plugs, forty 1/4 inch barbed coupler fittings, five 1/4 inch barbed tee fittings, three 1/2 inch hose clamps, two 1/2 inch hose tee attachments, 1/2 inch female garden hose connector, 50 foot 1/4 inch irrigation tubing, 50 foot 1/2 inch irrigation tubing, 20 adjustable spray stakes.
1 kit per offer.
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