Sting Free™Insect Bite Protector

Sting Free™Insect Bite Protector

DEET-free and sweat-proof

The garden workers at our research farm are sold on this product! Outdoors throughout the gardening year, they were the perfect group to test a repellent for some of the most common annoying and hazardous biting bugs on the continent. Of course, it had to be strong enough to work well but gentle enough for frequent, even everyday, use. This is it!

Sting Free's proven, effective formula will protect you and your family from bites for up to 3 hours against mosquitoes, ticks and black flies.

Sting Free is:
  • DEET-free
  • sweat-proof

    Sting Free contains plant oils, plant extracts and plant derivatives.
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    4-oz spray bottle
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