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Squirrels... Why Fight Them?

Most bird lovers ponder what to do about the squirrels in the backyard. We use baffles, squirrel proof feeders, and even commercially prepared repellents to keep them away. Clever creatures, the squirrels.

They run, climb, jump – any possible evasive technique seems to be a part of their very nature. You simply cannot outwit squirrels. So, admit it. The behavior that makes squirrels great adversaries to your back yard birds is the same behavior that makes them fun to watch.

Squirrels will carry away more food from your bird feeders than they can eat. They horde the seeds for a "rain day", but then forget where the food is stored. They return for more. When squirrels are sitting on your bird feeders, birds will not come down to join them.

You can minimize conflicts between birds and squirrels by providing food just for squirrels. Squirrel food is usually less expensive than bird food. They will eat whole corn, peanuts and acorns. Watching them eat corn from the cob is a special treat. Try offering them pumpkin/squash seed in an On-the-Ground Feeder.

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