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Say NO to harsh chemicals! Bird Friendly Lawn and Garden Products

We all would like to have a beautiful lawn, but did you know that each year, over 60 million birds die as a result of exposure to chemical pesticides and fertilizers? In addition, the average lawn uses 10 times the amount of chemicals per year than an acre of farmland.

In the United States today, 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides are applied annually to crops, lawns, households, golf courses and other areas. One of the most commonly used pesticides has been Diazinon, to which birds are 100 times more sensitive than mammals.

It is clear that pesticides are top of the list among bird enthusiast's concerns. If you feel the need to use chemical pesticides, please apply them selectively and carefully. Birds can be impacted, directly through contact from grass, foliage and water or indirectly by eating dead or contaminated insects and other foods.

Increasing pressure has been placed on industries and commercial farmers to reduce their use of toxic chemicals, yet one of the biggest sources of this pollution is quite literally in our own backyards.

Natural lawn care is the answer!

To help you say NO to harsh chemicals but still have a beautiful lawn and garden, Gardens Alive! has a full category of all natural lawn and garden products.

Our backyard birds are as beautiful as they are delicate. One of the reasons that we feed the birds is to bring their beauty up close to our homes and gardens where we can enjoy them. With this enjoyment comes a certain amount of responsibility. We all can take steps to insure that the way we care for our homes and gardens does not have a negative impact on the birds that we have attracted.

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