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Potato Leafhopper

Potato Leafhopper


These small, light green, triangleshaped insects feed on potatoes, eggplant, vine crops, beans, rhubarb and peanuts. Hopper burn by potato leafhopper causes 80% of insect damage on potatoes in the Eastern U.S. Yield reduction can be drastic; eventually the plant dies. Photo shows progression of damage (upper left to lower right).


Super-Light Insect Barriers provide a good shield. Use kaolin clay products as soon as leafhoppers are noticed. Continue spraying every 7-14 days during the growing season; increase interval to 14-21 days as plant growth slows. Reapply after heavy rains. Thorough spraying underneath leaves with pyrethrins also provides control. We recommend Surround® At Home® Crop Protectant and Pyola® Insect Spray.

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