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Platform Feeders

A platform feeder is an essential component to any birdwatcher's backyard. Similar to a bird's natural feeding habitat, platform feeding will draw the widest variety and largest number of backyard birds.

A platform feeder keeps seed neatly in one isolated place above ground, and keeps the seed from germinating in the soil. It also draws birds to one area for better viewing.

Platform feeders accept the largest volume and variety of seed, allowing you to custom mix your feed to attract the specific species you desire. The mesh screen bottom helps keep seed fresh, by increasing air circulation around the seed and reducing moisture and mold build-up. Platform feeders are simple to clean and fill with food. Platform feeders are also easier for songbirds to recognize and perch upon than other styles of feeders.

Any type of seed, fruit, insects (grubs), nuts, and amendments (calcium, grit) can be offered in a platform feeder. Offered in a platform feeder, some foods are even enjoyed by chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels.

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