Plantskydd<sup>®</sup> Repellent

Plantskydd® Repellent

Ready-to-use formula repels for up to 6 months!

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Don't let hungry wildlife damage your garden and surroundings by snacking on tasty plants and shrubs. Plantskydd Repellent provides all-natural protection from a variety of animals.

Plantskydd keeps pesky deer, opossum, rabbits— even larger wildlife such as elk and moose—away from your garden and landscape.

The organic, non-toxic formula of vegetable oil and dried blood:

  • contains no synthetic additives. There are no harsh chemicals to worry about.
  • is safe for animals, plants and the environment. Yet it efficiently discourages animals from feeding.

Our repellent provides long-term protection, lasting up to 6 months on dormant plants. Do not apply to edible crops 3-4 weeks prior to harvest.

1 lb (1 lb makes upto 1 gallon)
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