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Pheromone Lure Traps: The "no-spray" way to mass-trap destructive insects

A-luring Moths!

Modern biotechnology has brought many innovations, including effective, easy-to-use non-polluting traps for some of the worst pests in the garden. Most of the newer traps lure the targeted insect with pheromones, which imitate the odor of the insect's mate, and trap them on a sticky surface.

Peach Borer and Codling Moth Traps

Each include a pheromone lure, which simulates the aromatic sex attractant of the species; a pre-coated sticky surface to catch the insects; and the trap itself.

Timing is Important!

A unique technology releases the pheromone scent continuously, in minute amounts, for up to eight weeks. For maximum benefit, set out the traps at the beginning of the growing season. If crop damage has already started, setting out traps late may reduce second and third generation of pests, but first generation of larvae will survive, and other pest-control methods will be needed. Traps don't use choking fumes and don't leave harmful residues on fruit.

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