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New Natural Spray Uses Vegetable Derivatives To Kill Insect Pests

Keeping vegetable gardens and roses free of insect pests is a constant gardening challenge. Many sprays are effective on adult insect pests, but not on their eggs. Now there's a new insecticide made from plants for plants that effectively destroys insects in all stages of their lifecycle from eggs to adults.

Pyola, is an natural broad-spectrum spray that combines pyrethrin, a popular natural insecticide derived from pyrethrum flowers, with canola oil extracted from rapeseed. The result is a powerful spray that kills insects and their eggs, yet leaves no long-term residue in the environment.

So many times we hear gardeners complain, 'the insecticide label says the product will kill beetles. Well, I sprayed my garden but I seem to have more beetles that ever,' said Niles Kinerk, ceo of Gardens Alive! The problem is often timing. Some sprays control adult insects, while others kill the larvae. Many oil-based sprays suffocate the eggs but won't have any effect on insects that have already hatched.

Unless you can match up the spray to the intricacies of the pest's life cycle, you may be wasting your effort-and you're giving insect pests more time to proliferate and damage your crops.

Since Pyola works on insect adults, larvae and eggs, it simultaneously attacks all stages of the insect's life cycle. Most targeted insects die quickly. Plus, Pyola has a repellent effect that actually discourages certain insects from feeding and laying eggs on sprayed plants.

Pyola is effective against many destructive insects including cucumber beetles, Colorado potato beetles, squash bugs, Mexican bean beetles, sawfly larvae and pear psyllids. In greenhouse tests, Pyola sprayed on poinsettia plants immediately reduced whitefly population from 312 nymphs to three nymphs. Similar studies demonstrated the repellent effect of Pyola on aphids.

Pyola can be used on virtually all types of plants, garden vegetables and fruit trees right up to the day of harvest. It can also be used on roses and other flowers, ornamental and shade trees, and in greenhouses and on indoor houseplants. Pyola is an natural product that contains no piperonyl butoxide or strong-smelling petroleum distillates.

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