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Nest Box Basics

In order to attract the correct species of bird you wish to house, it is essential to use species-specific nest boxes, which offer the proper cavity and entrance hole dimensions for each bird. There are variables in the opening size that dictate which species can and cannot enter, and in the interior cavity size, which should be just large enough to accommodate your desired species. If the cavity is too large, the bird will have to spend more energy than necessary to fill the space with nesting material. A large cavity may also allow other songbirds to take over the nest box.

Made of ¾" rough-cut cedar, our nest boxes have adequate ventilation, and have rough interior surfaces to assist fledglings when trying to exit the nest box. Nest boxes are weather-resistant.

Clean nest boxes thoroughly after nesting season, and remove old nesting material. Nest boxes have an easy access panel for cleaning and monitoring of nestlings. By cleaning the nest box after nesting season, birds can return to use it as a winter shelter. Use the same cleaning solution as you use for feeder: one part bleach to nine parts water.

When mounting nest boxes, it is best to use a pole. Nest boxes that are mounted on trees are more vulnerable to snakes and other predators. Baffles can be used on poles to prevent animals from below getting to the nest box.

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