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Bodies up to 1/4" long are covered with white powdery wax. Colonies look like small tufts of cotton along veins on underside of leaves and at base of leaf stems. They infest most houseplants as well as apple, grape, peach and pear trees. Infested fruits are disfigured and covered with dark mold. Mealybugs extract plant juices, causing dwarfing, wilting and early fruit drop. On houseplants and flowers they cause color loss, wilting and eventual death of affected parts.


Horticultural oil and insecticidal soap provide excellent relief. We recommend Oil-Away™ Supreme Insecticidal Spray and Plant Guardian™ Houseplant Insecticidal Soap. Green Lacewings provide good control and are more effective at cooler temperatures than other mealybug predators.

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