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Japanese Beetle


Metallic green-copper adult grows to 1/2" long. Larvae or grubs are grayish white with brown head; fat body is 3/4" long. Adults especially like beans and corn but will eat almost any plant, often skeletonizing the leaves. Larvae chew on roots of lawn grass, bean, beet, sweet corn, onion and tomato plants; their root pruning severely reduces crop yields and can kill grass. Growth of grubs and root damage is mostly in June. Adults cause damage from late June to early September.


To protect lawn grass roots from chewing damage by grubs, apply Grub-Away® Nematodes at the rate of 10 million per 600 sq. ft. of lawn. Lawn- Gard™ Bioinsecticide kills grubs and other lawn insects; won't wash out with repeated rainfall. For adult beetles, use kaolin clay as soon as adult beetles are noticed. Continue spraying every 7-14 days during the growing season; increase interval to 14-21 days as plant growth slows. Reapply after heavy rains. Otherwise, apply pyrethrins to kill them (note: you can mix kaolin clay with pyrethrins if pest pressure is heavy); or use Japanese Beetle Trap with pheromone lures to mass trap them. Set out traps in mid June, before beetles emerge, preferably in sunny locations. We recommend Surround® At Home® Crop Protectant and Pyola® Insect Spray.

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