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Indian Meal Moth Strategy

Prevention is the best remedy.

Indian meal moths are notorious for infesting packages of food in the warehouse or grocery store and hitching a ride in your shopping bags. Carefully inspect all containers of dry food for loose flaps or tiny holes before you buy them. If a package is leaking a small amount of its contents, it may already be infested. Once you have opened a package that can't be securely resealed, put the contents in a tightly sealed container of glass, metal or heavy plastic. Check stored foods often, especially in warm weather, and throw out any food you think might be contaminated. You may freeze dog food or bird seed to kill moth larvae.

The next step is to get rid of the infestation.

If you don't take immediate action you may very well end up throwing out one pantry-full of food after another. Of couse, insecticides are out of the question around food. We recommend, and so do many satisfied customers, that you take the offensive and use our pheromone lure traps which catch the adult moths before they breed and lay eggs in your food. You will be amazed at how quickly the surface of the trap becomes covered with the moths.

Pantry Pest Trap:

Indian meal moths lay eggs in stored seed. The eggs hatch into larvae that eat through your seed and leave behind a sticky, messy webbing. Traps are a non-poisonous way of stopping these insects.

Cupboard Moth Trap:

Place the cardboard traps in cabinets and pantries with food; they are non-toxic and free of pesticides. Hang, lay flat on shelf, or stand them upright like an open book. Lures last for 6 weeks, after which you can replace the lure or hang a fresh trap.

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