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Herbicidal Soap Gets Rid of Weeds Fast

Now there's an environmentally friendly way to kill weeds wherever they grow-in flower beds, between garden rows or in the cracks of pavement. Weed-Aside Weed Killer, available exclusively from Gardens Alive! kills weeds and then quickly decomposes in the soil.

Weed-Aside is an herbicidal soap that contains a blend of naturally occurring fatty acids. Since Weed-Aside only affects leaves which come into direct contact with it, you can use Weed-Aside to control weeds around fruit and vegetable crops as well as around flowers and shrubbery beds. Weed-Aside controls broadleaf weeds, annual grassy weeds, mosses, algae and lichens. It won't stain brick or paving, and you can sow seed or set out transplants in treated areas five days after application.

For best results, spray Weed-Aside directly in the center of weeds that are in active growth and less than five inches tall. Plant damage will be visible in two hours to two days (depending upon weather and other conditions). Because Weed-Aside is not a systemic herbicide, it won't kill most perennial weeds. However, with multiple applications it will suppress their growth.

Weed-Aside concentrate is available exclusively from Gardens Alive! in pint and quart bottles.

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