Grow Tub<sup>®</sup> Herb/Transplant Pots

Grow Tub® Herb/Transplant Pots

Transplant-ready seedlings

No-fuss pots make seedlings healthy, strong and transplant ready! Make starting plants from seed easier than ever, with our transplant grow tubs®! Our non-woven geotextile material will make sure your seedlings have an ideal air and water ratio to grow strong for transplanting into raised beds, containers or straight into the garden. It's easy to clean and store our grow tubs®, as they're built to fold flat and are machine washable. Use them for all types of seedlings — seed mats, grow balls, single-serve salads, herbs and even to put around houseplants whose containers you'd like to keep clean! 4" x 4" x 4". Pkg of 6
6 per package
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