Fruit Trees Alive!<sup>®</sup> Fertilizer Maintenance Formula

Fruit Trees Alive!® Fertilizer Maintenance Formula

Stronger roots and more yield

Fruit Trees Alive! is specially formulated to meet the growth demands of apples, peaches most other fruit trees. Eleven macro- and micronutrients, includig copper and sulfur, produce the delicious sweetness so characteristic of well-grown, tree-ripened fruits.

Fruit Trees Alive! was designed for medium to heavy soils with average fertility. On sandy soils, or for the first year of growth, use our Build- Up Formula, which contains extra micronutrients. Follow up annually with Maintenance Formula to replace nutrients used for growth and production.

Fruit Trees Alive!® Maintenance Formula
After using our Build-Up Formula for one year, switch to this Maintenance Formula as long as soil is not severly depleted. For best results, apply at the rate of 5 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. in spring, then reapply in midsummer.
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