Flow!™ Biomaintenance Liquid Concentrate & Tablet

Flow!™ Biomaintenance Liquid Concentrate & Tablet

The easy way to maintain your drains

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Why use potentially dangerous chemical solutions to clear and clean your water pipes? Use Flow! and let naturally occurring bacteria do the work. You won't have the annoyance of clogged drains or malfunctioning septic systems again. Flow!:
  • is a biodegradable, biologically active formula.
  • provides the most efficient breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats found in organic waste.
  • eliminates odors.

Extensively tested, Flow! has been found safe and effective for all drains and septic systems. All-natural bacteria in the tablets break down the proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and fats found in organic wastes that can cause clogged drains in solid to semi-solid form. When placed in the commode furthest from the main line, the beneficial bacteria will treat your entire system as waste runs down the line to your sewer or septic system. (See diagram below.) The bacterial components are in spore form for product stability, providing for its one-year shelf life. With our convenient slow release tablets, just one tablet placed in the back of the commode or in the well of your sump pump doses your pipes for 28-35 days.

Year-Long Supply of Flow!
Get 12 tablets and save!
Save 25% when you buy a year's supply of Flow! Use a bottle or tablet each month for free-flowing drains and septic-system maintenance.

Liquid Concentrate

Liquid version of Flow!™ can be applied directly to slow moving drains throughout your home. Beneficial bacteria cleans drains and maintains septic systems efficiently and quickly. To keep drains running freely, treat with 2 oz. every 2-4 weeks. For slow-running drains, use 2-4 oz. daily for 3 days. For septic-system maintenance, use 10 oz. per 500 gal. once a month (an average tank is 1,500 gallons).

Flow! and Earth's Answer™ Combo Pack
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Keep your drains free flowing and your home smelling fresh with this money-saving special.

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