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Feeding Birds Year Round

Feeding birds year round is not only enjoyable but also helpful to some feathered friends who may need a little help during certain times of the year. Hard-pressed parents busy with nesting benefit from feeding, as do their young who often come to the feeders too. Offering food in the summer can also be very helpful, particularly in urban areas where food sources are limited.

An ideal food for birds in the summer is fruit. Platform feeders are best suited for holding pieces of fruit such as sliced apples, soaked raisins, soft cherries, bananas or oranges.

Another food which can be offered in the summer as well as winter is suet, which offers birds additional protein that they usually obtain from eating insects. Woodpeckers and other seed-eating birds eat summer suet during nesting. Be sure to feed suet in the shade during hot summer months, as this will help prevent it from going rancid. Rendered suet may be more appropriate during these months than non-rendered.

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