All-Natural Fall Lawns Alive!<sup>®</sup> Fertilizer

All-Natural Fall Lawns Alive!® Fertilizer

Prepare your lawn for winter

Developed, tested and produced by Gardens Alive!, Lawns Alive! fertilizers are all-natural and environmentally benign. Spring and Fall Lawns Alive! include quick-release nutrients to make your lawn greener within 10-14 days of the first rain or watering after application. Other ingredients release nutrients gradually throughout the growing season.

Many chemical-based lawn fertilizers call for four or five applications every year for good results. With Lawns Alive! all-natural lawn fertilizers you feed your lawn just twice a year—in spring and early fall! We guarantee your results.

Fall Lawns Alive!®All-Natural Fertilizer

Application in late summer or fall. Encourages strong root development for better recovery after a cold winter. Contains no urea.

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