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Everything You Wanted To Know About Hi-Vitality

Hi-Vitality is a very important, high energy producing food source for your birds. It is one that will be appreciated by many songbirds at anytime of the year.

Seasonal Needs:

In cold weather months, birds require a high energy diet to keep them going in order to survive. Hi-Vitality provides them with an excellent source of that energy. In warmer weather, especially with the rigors of nesting and raising a brood, a source of energy close by is an added bonus for your favorite songbirds. With Hi-Vitality, birds receive a boost to their insect diet high in protein and calories which provide the extra energy and calories needed at all states of their growth.

Birds Attracted to Hi-Vitality:

Over 80 species of birds are known to be attracted to Hi-Vitality. Among the most common visitors to Hi-Vitality feeders will be chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice and brown creepers.

Placement and Use:

Hi-Vitality feeders can be placed almost anywhere—hung near your seed feeders, in trees, mounted against a tree or post—wherever you can best get a spot to watch the action. In warmer months, Hi-Vitality can still be kept out! Unlike suet, Hi-Vitality is vegetable based, allowing it to handle the summer heat.

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