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Encourage Bluebirds, Purple Martins and Bats

By attracting these three, plus a host of others to your yard with feeders and houses, you are also creating your own pest control the way nature intended. Robins, jays, sparrows and other birds spend a lot of time in the vegetable garden and flowerbeds looking for insects. Even birds that are predominantly seedeaters turn to insect diet in the summer. The nuisance starlings have been reported to "clean up Japanese beetles off roses and raspberries".

A plentiful supply of food at feeding stations does not diminish a cardinal's appetite for insects. Scientific studies show up to 60% of a cardinal's diet is composed of insects in the spring and about 40% in the summer.

Temporary departure of Chickadees, tufted titmice, and white-breasted nuthatches from feeders and yards is commonplace in the spring, especially if nest sites are not readily available. Be sure to have your nest boxes clean and up early. That's sure to increase your chances of having them in your yard.

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