Encapsulated Compost Worms
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Encapsulated Compost Worms

Use in your worm composting system

Encapsulated Compost Worms from Gardens Alive!® are specifically intended for both indoor and outdoor compost piles or composting systems. Quickly and easily turn piles of vegetable scraps into garden fertilizer! The key to rich, organic matter in your compost, worms process their own weight in waste each day and can tolerate high moisture levels. Red worms speed the development of nutrient-dense, moisture-dispersing humus and keep compost piles aerated for healthy piles with no smell. Additionally, studies show pathogens can be reduced in waste materials when worms are present. Increase reproduction of worms by adding crushed eggshells to your compost. Each cocoon can hatch up to 10 worms.
50 Encapsulated Compost Worms
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