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Don't Let Ants Make Your Home Their Home

Ants can be a nuisance. The easiest way to keep ants at bay is to prevent them from cozying up in the first place. Seal up cracks or spaces with spray foam or caulking to prevent easy access to the inside of your home. If they've made it inside, though, Bull's-Eye™ Ant Station can get rid of them! Baits are preloaded and ready to use—simply place them where you see ants entering.

If the ants are invading your time outdoors, try scattering a strong-smelling herb or spice like chili powder, cayenne pepper, peppermint or cinnamon around the entrance to their nest. The new smell—different from the smell of their colony—will trigger a sense of danger to them and the colony will quickly relocate. You can also turn to Bull's-Eye™ Outdoor Granular Ant Bait. It creates a barrier around any area it's sprinkled on, and it's safe for use around vegetables, fruits and ornamentals.

Additional tips for repelling ants:

  • Wipe surfaces to clear their scent trail. Soapy water or a one-to-one mix of vinegar and water will usually erase the ants' scent trails.
  • Use lemons. Spritzing a mix of lemon juice and water along windowsills or doorways can keep ants from entering your home.
  • Share your cup of joe. After sipping your morning coffee, add the coffee grounds to soil in your houseplants and landscaping—it will fertilize plants and repels the ants.
  • Protect your pet's food. Spreading some petroleum jelly around the bottom of your pet's food bowl will keep ants from crawling up the bowl into the food.
  • Repair leaky faucets or pipes. Ants (and lots of other pests) are drawn to moisture, so any wet areas of your home are like a welcome sign to come on in.

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