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Cupboard Moths and Beetles

Cupboard Moths and Beetles

What to look for and how to stop an infestation in your home


Flour Beetles, Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Meal Moths


Flour, pet food, dried flowers, nuts, birdseed and any grain product

Small pieces of cracked grain or flour provide enough incentive for these pests to invade your home and pantry. Flour Beetles are reddish-brown and less than 1/8" long. Immature stages are pale-colored and wormlike, while Indian Meal Moths are small, grayish brown and common in the home. During the caterpillar stage, they are cream colored with dark brown heads and at around 2/3" long, they'll devour anything dried or made of grain. Mediterranean Flour Moths infest coarser grades of flour, including graham flour and corn meal while in the larval stage.


The key to eradicating an infestation is to find and remove the source. Discard infested items in a sealed bag placed into an outside garbage receptacle. Alternatively, infested items can be frozen for 4-5 days minimum to kill the beetles. To ensure they're gone for good, and won't make a comeback, use our All Purpose Pest Away™ Trap—using a special pheromone attractant, it is effective against a wide variety of moths and beetles. Ready to use and non-toxic, try one in the pantry, kitchen, basement or garage to knock out these pests.

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