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Cucumber Beetle Solutions

Cucumber Beetle Solutions

Cucumber Beetles and What to Do if they Attack

What is a Cucumber Beetle?

The spotted cucumber beetle is a 1/4" long, yellowish green beetle that has 12 distinct black spots on its wings. The striped cucumber beetle is 1/5" long with yellow-and-black-striped wings. Along with their taste for cucumbers, both varieties of cucumber beetle eat beans, melons, squash, pumpkins, corn and eggplants.

How to Spot a Cucumber Beetle Infestation

When your plants are infested with cucumber beetles, you'll find holes chewed into the leaves, stems and stalks. Adult beetles end hibernation in the spring and will appear quite suddenly in large numbers. The larvae can be found near the base of the plant they're feeding on. Act immediately when you see these beetles, as they are notorious for spreading cucumber bacterial wilt.

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