Compost Alive!<sup>®</sup> Activator with Quick-Start<sup>™</sup>

Compost Alive!® Activator with Quick-Start

The key to rich compost, quick!

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Compost Alive's all-natural mix combines specially selected micronutrients and naturally occurring bacteria and fungi. Compost Alive's micronutrient system provides the energy needed to jumpstart decomposition while controlling odors. Strong smells aren't just covered up; they're actually eliminated by the bacteria and fungi in Compost Alive!

For use in an enclosed bin or an open pile. Microorganisms are in spore form to ensure long shelf life. No need to add soil, manure, lime or nitrogen. 2 lbs. treats up to 15 bushels of plant matter.

Activator for Green Plant Matter
Use with kitchen scraps, fresh weeds and other green materials for finished compost in 2-4 weeks.

Activator for Dry Plant Matter
Use with autumn leaves, straw and other dead fibrous matter. Makes compost in 8-12 weeks.
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