Bio-Essentials™ Travel Bed Bug Eliminator Kit

Bio-Essentials™ Travel Bed Bug Eliminator Kit

Don't bring bed bugs home

Bed bugs have been all over the news lately. These tiny creatures can wreak havoc on your home in no time, and often require pricey professionals to remove them. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from an invasion of these pests.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the Cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood, especially human blood. While they do not fly, they can easily climb into cracks in furniture, walls, doors and all parts of a bed. Most active at night, they will bite any exposed area of skin while their victim is sleeping most commonly the face, neck, feet and ankles. Protect yourself from bed bugs, naturally!

Our exclusive Bio-Essentials Travel Bed Bug Eliminator is an extensively researched and tested fumigant derived from essential oil. It's designed to kill any bed bugs that have hitched a ride home on your luggage while traveling.

This kit kills bed bug eggs, nymphs and adults in luggage as well as electronics, furniture, clothing, shoes and most other small items around the home or used while on the go. It is also effective at killing moths, silverfish, roaches, pantry beetles and pantry moths that are often found in pet food, baking supplies and other dark, hidden places.

Safe to use on most surfaces, Bio-Essentials Travel Bed Bug Eliminator can be used around children and pets, unlike harmful chemical solutions. Pests are killed within 48 hours after being activated.

How does it work?

1. Place items to be treated in the heavy-duty bag provided.

2. Open foil back to allow vapors to surround the items.

3. Wait 48 hours and remove items from bag, bug-free!

It's that easy. Research showed 100% mortality of bed bug adults after 48 hours and eggs failed to hatch. Comparable fumigants on the market showed an egg mortality of only 30%. Kit includes 1 fumigant pack, 1 reusable bag and sealing ties.
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