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Beneficial Insects

Use nature's own pest controls to protect your plants from insect damage!

There are more than a million species of insects, but only a very small percentage of them are garden pests. In fact, more than half of all insects are predators or parasites of other insects.

In recent years, researchers have identified many natural insect predators, parasites and pathogens-including green lacewings, lady beetles, trichogrammas and beneficial nematodes. And Gardens Alive!® offers nearly all that are proven effective.

People have relied on "beneficial insects" such as lady beetles to control insect pests for thousands of years.

Biological control of pests is neither a gardening fad nor a cure-all, but it is one of the most effective and responsible ways to control garden pests. Sure, you'll always have a few caterpillars and beetles nibbling your plants. But if you encourage their natural enemies to come and stay, most insect pest populations will remain at tolerable levels.

To introduce and encourage beneficial insects in your garden:

  • Avoid using toxic pesticides. They kill beneficial insects as well as pests.
  • Grow a diversity of plants. Provide an attractive habitat for beneficials by growing a variety of plants, including ground covers, perennials, trees and lawn.

Introduce new populations of beneficial insects like the ones mentioned below.

Release beneficial insects in the evening after sprinkling water in the release area. Insects are thirsty after traveling.

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