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Batty Facts

Bats Benefit Your Backyard Habitat

  • Bats are indicators of healthy environment. The more bats, the lower amounts of pesticides being used in area.
  • Bats are the #1 predator of night flying insects.
  • Bats help save farmers millions of dollars each year by consuming crop pest insects.
  • Bats eat their body weight in insects nightly.
  • Bats use echo location to find food at night, primarily nocturnal (similar to dolphins and whales).
  • One bat can consume 600-1000 mosquitoes in an hour.
  • Bats have young in the spring or early summer.
  • Nursing females consume the most insects to feed their young.
  • A female will have one or two "pups" a year.
  • Females feed their young milk.
  • Bats hibernate through winter.
  • Bats can live up to 35 years.
  • To hibernate, bats require shelter such as attics, caves, bridges, or a bat house.
  • Water attracts insects which attract bats. Bats need water nearby.
  • Bat Houses can help bats by providing roosting space when natural roosting habitat is scarce.
  • A Bat House can hold a colony of up to 300 bats.
  • Bat guano makes an excellent fertilizer.

More than 40 North American species of bats have been reported using a bat house.

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