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Banish Slugs And Snails Quickly and Easily

Slugs and snails love to hide in moist gardens and feast on tasty young plants at night. Gardeners who wanted to kill these pests have traditionally had two choices: use chemical poison bait or pick off the slimy creatures by hand.

Now there's a new, environmentally friendly way to banish slugs and snails from your garden. Escar-Go! Supreme from Gardens Alive! is a unique blend of naturally occurring iron phosphate and food-grade bait that's attractive to slugs and snails. As soon as they ingest even a small amount of Escar-Go! granules, slugs and snails stop feeding and begin to die within a few days.

Field tests at the University of Berlin have shown that Escar-Go! controls slugs as well or better than traditional slug and snail poisons. The bait actually lures snails and slugs from their hiding places. Studies have also shown that slugs and snails will eat Escar-Go! before they will eat nearby plants.

Escar-Go! can be used wherever slugs and snails are a problem-even around pets and wildlife! Any Escar-Go! not eaten by slugs or snails will biodegrade to become part of your garden soil.

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