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Attract More Insect Eating Birds to Your Garden

If harmful insects have plagued your garden, you need to put nature's insect-eating machines to work-birds! Birds devour insects because bugs provide the critical amounts of fat, protein and potassium that birds need to maintain their high metabolism level.

Insect-eating birds can't resist Bird Grub , an exclusive new bird food from Gardens Alive! Bird Grub consists of 100% dehydrated caterpillars. (It sounds yucky to humans, but birds love the stuff.)

When you add a handful of Bird Grub to the seed in your bird feeders, word gets out. With more birds visiting your yard and garden, harmful insect pests don't stand a chance.

A side benefit for bird-lovers is the increase in new species of wild birds that will be attracted to your yard. The high-energy nutrition of Bird Grub is especially effective in winter for attracting insect-eating birds when their prey is scarce. (Get your bird-watching binoculars ready!)

Want to attract even more Songbirds

Suet is an excellent and nutritious food that delivers a quick source of energy needed by birds particularly during the winter. While important to seed-eating songbirds during nesting periods in the spring and early summer, suet is especially valuable in the winter when birds aren't able to find and feed on insects. Songbirds rely on suet's protein, fat and fiber-nutrients, which are so scarce in the winter months. Suet also provides birds with a rich source of calories required at all stags of their growth.

Over 80 species of birds are known to be attracted to suet. Among the most common visitors to suet feeders will be chickadees, woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmice and brown creepers. Even brown thrashers and the like will appreciate the blended suet.

Suet feeders can be placed almost anywhere—hung near your seed feeders, in trees, mounted against a tree or post—wherever you can best get a spot to watch the action. In warmer months, be sure to keep suet out of the direct sun but placed close by in a shaded area. It is also best to store suet in the refrigerator during hot months.

Gardens Alive offers different types of bird food and feeders.

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