Apple Pest Trap

Apple Pest Trap

Don't let moths damage your fruit

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Protect your apples, pears and other fruit crops and ornamentals from damage caused by the voracious appetites of codling moths and Oriental fruit moths with our exclusive Apple Pest Trap.

The insect larvae can cause severe losses to fruit crops, and control is complicated because the pests produce multiple generations each year.

Our Apple Pest Trap lures the pests, which are attracted to the scent of pheromones, and are captured by a pre-coated sticky surface.

For best results, set out traps in early spring at least 2 weeks before buds break. Use two traps per mature, full-size tree; one for a dwarf tree. Replace lure after 8 weeks. If crop damage has already begun, traps may reduce the second generation, but additional control methods will be needed.
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