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Tiny bugs that may be green, yellow, orange or black, as well as other colors; with or without wings. The largest is 1/6" long; the smallest is barely visible. They cluster on stems and under leaves. Aphids may cause more crop damage than any other insect, and there are few plants they don't like. Infested leaves curl and turn yellow; plant is weakened in general. Greatest damage occurs after a cold spring; aphids increase faster than their natural enemies during a chilly season.


Aphids are among the pests most easily controlled by biological methods; Green Lacewings are excellent predators, and Sta-Home Lady Beetles help reduce heavy populations. Pot Stickers help control the small number of flying aphids that may appear indoors or on individual plants outdoors. Horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps and pyrethrins also can be utilized. We recommend Oil-Away Supreme Insecticidal Oil, Plant Guardian Houseplant Insecticidal Soap and Pyola® Insect Spray.

"My cold frames had an infestation of aphids. I grow very rare plants and I didn't want to spray them. Green Lacewings cleaned up the aphids in a short time. I couldn't believe it!" -Ed Skrocki, Southington, OH

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