Ambush Stink Bug Trap

Ambush Stink Bug Trap

Keep stink bugs at bay

Stink bugs are more than just a smelly annoyance. The bugs attack numerous

types of vegetables—including:

tomatoes, green beans, soy beans, lima beans, sweet corn

Fruit, including:

apples, peaches, cherries, raspberries, pears

Shows the damage more quickly and fruit growers monitor for damage more closely. The stink bug is a "true bug," that uses its proboscis to pierce the plants in order to feed. This feeding results, in part, in a dimpled outer surface on the fruits, leaf stippling and seed loss. Keep stink bugs away from your garden and home the pesticide-free way, with our Ambush Stink Bug Trap. Using pheromone technology, it safely lures green, brown, Brown Marmorated and other stink bugs up to 50 feet away from your garden and home. Extensively tested by the USDA and top universities, the lure is enclosed in a controlled-release dispenser that attracts bugs for approximately 30 days. Stink bugs enter the trap and cannot escape—hundreds of bugs in adult and immature stages can be caught with one trap! Simply empty the trap when full, and replace the lure when it's no longer effective. Reusable trap is 17" H x 6.25" W. Includes one lure.
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