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All-Natural Lawn Fertilizers

We know it's hard to improve on a great lawn fertilizer like Lawns Alive! but we are committed to supplying gardeners with the latest, most effective developments in the industry. And sometimes we have a chance to make a great thing better.

Introducing New Improved Lawns Alive!

The first thing you'll notice about our new Improved Lawns Alive! is the granulated formulation. Experience has shown that a granular lawn fertilizer is easier to apply and works well in both broadcast and drop spreaders.

We've also added two new components that make a noticeable difference in your lawn. Improved Lawns Alive! contains Total Minerals, a valuable natural source of 67 minerals and trace elements. We have also added humates, the natural by-products of partly decayed all-natural matter. Besides these significant added effects, Improved Lawns Alive! has all the same great benefits as our older All-Natural Lawns Alive!

Free your lawn from dependence on harsh chemicals!

Long-term use of inorganic lawn fertilizers, chemical herbicides, and pesticides is ruining your lawn year by year. As healthy as it may look today, an inorganic lawn has the same dependency on chemicals as a drug addict. To keep this kind of lawn green, you need to apply chemical fertilizers frequently.

Over time, lawn chemicals will reduce the population of earthworms and beneficial soil organisms. They also encourage thatch to develop, which stifles growth, causes water to run off, and causes the soil underneath to harden and make root development difficult. Lawns fed with chemicals need watering more often. The good news is: It's easy to reverse the process and restore your lawn to health!

Lawns Alive! keeps your lawn healthy.

Sure, you can apply chemicals all you want. You may even wind up with the best looking lawn in the neighborhood-- for a while. But eventually, nature returns these abuses with her own harsh treatment: persistent lawn disease.

Healthy, natural lawns are better able to fend off diseases like fusarium, snow mold, leaf-spot, dollar spot and brown patch, which are often found in chemical-fed lawns. Insects that find shelter in a thick thatch layer will have to go elsewhere. Without chemical salts, your soil will again encourage the growth of beneficial organisms.

Both All-Natural Lawns Alive! and new Improved Lawns Alive! include some quick-release nutrients plus other required ingredients that are released slowly and gradually through the growing season. All-Natural materials decompose and reestablish a natural growing environment. Roots grow down into the soil again, forming a deep root system. Thatch accumulations are broken down and recycled, soil is loosened and water soaks through the ground deeply instead of running off.

If weeds are not a big problem in your lawn, then lawns Alive! is the ideal fertilizer for your lawn.(For a weedy lawn, Use WOW! Plus.) Feed Lawns Alive! just twice a year-Spring and early Fall. We guarantee your results!

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