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Alive! High Energy Fertilizers

Every year, more gardeners become aware, to their immense satisfaction, that their plants grow better in good, rich, soil than in soil which has been laced with chemicals and rendered barren of beneficial microorganisms.
Our popular, full-spectrum fertilizers are 100% all-natural, using only plant and animal by-products. They supply all the basic nutrients and trace elements needed for healthy plant growth. Some ingredients release nutrients quickly to get your plants off to a good start, and others feed plants gradually for many weeks of continued growth. Each plant food is formulated exactly to the needs of particular plants, ranging from tomatoes to turnips, apples to zucchini, not to mention roses and impatiens, houseplants and lawns.

Helps create humus

Unlike the inert materials in chemical fertilizers which are little use to your soil, our all-natural fertilizers, after you apply them, are decomposed by microbes and enrich your soil with natural humus. The humus acts as a sponge, holding nutrients and moisture at the ready until plants need them. (Chemical products, on the other hand, tend to "force-feed" your plants; nutrients that aren't quickly used can leach out to the soil and into the water supply polluting streams and wells.)

Use Vegetables Alive! twice each season for healthy, unstressed plants that yield bushels of wholesome, delicious crops. Work 3 pounds per 100 square feet into the soil about two weeks before planting, or side-dress after seedlings emerge. Then use it as a side-dressing when young plants start active growth.

Tomatoes Alive! Plus is recommended not just for tomatoes but also for peppers and eggplants. (They have similar nutritional requirements.) With its blend of fast and slow-release ingredients, Tomatoes Alive! Plus provides the nourishment your plants need for steady, healthy growth and bountiful crops. With just two feedings a season, your plants produce more blossoms and set more and larger fruit. A pound provides a season's supply for seven tomato plants.

Is your soil rich and potent enough to support the heavy demands of root crops? More importantly, does it have enough potassium and phosphorus to produce a large, succulent, tasty harvest? Onions, beets, carrots, potatoes and turnips simply do not thrive without these extra minerals. We've packed Root Crops Alive! with these essential nutrients to give your soil a powerful punch.

Flowers Alive! for Perennials provides all the nutrients needed to keep annuals blooming dependably all season. This all-natural plant food enables perennials to grow bigger and better each year. Slow release of nutrients is the key. Flowers keep blooming week after week at peak performance, and it gives your plants the stamina to ward off the effects of diseases and insects, as well as stress from heat and drought. Selected nutrients encourage bigger blossoms (and more of them!) and prevent too active stem and leaf growth. Work Flowers Alive! into soil when setting out new plants or sprinkle it around plants before flowering. Side-dress flowers again in midseason.

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