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Plant Supports

Plant Supports from Garden's Alive

Gardens Alive has over three decades of experience helping gardeners and home owners grow healthy plants. We test and trial plant support options and make our recommendations based on our own gardening experiences. If you need tree supports, our innovative Tree Support helps saplings develop stronger roots systems while protecting the trunks from weather-related damage. We offer several plant supports and plant support cages, including the stylish and functional Willow Obelisk and Willow Teepee Plant Supports that give vining ornamentals and edibles something strong, and stylish, to cling to during the growing season.

Choosing the Right Plant And Tree Supports

Plant supports help keep your plants and trees healthy and productive. When selecting the right plant supports and tree supports for your garden, consider that plants that need support. In the edible garden, plant supports keep edible crops out of the dirt where they may pick up soil-borne diseases. Plant supports are often used for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, peas, beans and melons. Our line of plant supports and plant cages are designed for specific types of plants. Choose from products like the Pea Fence, Bean Support Tower and Tomato Cages. Some ornamental plants, including many vining plants and those with heavy blooms, such as peonies, also benefit from support.

Plant Support Cages: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

To be effective, gardeners should follow a few tips on using plant support cages.

    How to Use Plant Supports-

    We recommend erecting or placing your plant supports when sowing seeds or planting plants. That way, the supports are there when the plants need them, and you won't disturb the plants' roots when placing your supports. When placing your supports, make sure they are secure. Wobbly plant supports may topple over when the plant weight becomes too much.

    What Plants Should Have Plant Cages-

    Because the plants grow quite large and can become quite heavy with fruit, tomatoes are often grown in tomato cages. A plant support cage can also be used for peas, beans, peppers, cucumbers, melons, squash, peonies, and other edibles and ornamental plants. Plant supports keep fruits and blooms off of the ground and often allow for improved air circulation and healthier plants.

    When to Remove Tree Supports-

    Tree supports help stabilize the tree while it establishes its roots. The tree's size as well as soil conditions and wind conditions all factor into how long the tree support is needed. Once the tree can support itself, the tree support can be removed. In many cases, tree supports can be removed after six months or one growing season. In rarer cases, the tree support may be left for up to two years.

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