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Season Extenders

Season Extenders for Longer Harvests from Gardens Alive!

Unpredictable weather, increased insect activity and out of control weeds can negatively affect even the best laid garden plans. Let Gardens Alive! help you get the most of your vegetable rows or ornamental displays the all-natural way with our full range of Season Extenders.

Choosing the Right Season Extender

Our Superdome Premium Polytunnel and GrowAway™ Garden Plant Row Covers gently warm the soil while protecting the tender seedlings from unexpected frost.

Chemical-free Pest Netting Tunnels and Super-Lite Insect Barriers keep insect pests from devouring your crops before you have a chance to enjoy them. And our Heavy Weight Weed Barrier Mat fits snugly around your plants to keep weeds at bay without the use of harmful herbicides. Our garden professionals want to make sure you have a safe and productive season. Browse our website for our wide selection of season extenders and more natural products.

Getting Started with Season Extenders

Weather can be unpredictable, and an unusually late spring frost or early fall frost can quickly put an end to growing many vegetables. That's where Season Extenders can help. They can offer plants a little extra protection when the nights get frosty. Think of them like coats or blankets for plants.

What are Season Extenders?

Season Extenders, like floating row covers and grow tunnels, can delay freezing of the soil and create a warm environment for plant growth. Row covers are a great way to extend lettuce and spinach season in the fall. In some areas, using Season Extenders for vegetables means that gardeners can pick greens into winter. For those wanting to get an early start on spring gardening or extend the fall season, our Polythene Grow Tunnel helps create a warm, humid environment for plant growth.

Different Types of Season Extenders

Your garden goals will help you determine what season extenders to buy. Gardeners are most familiar with cold frames, simple structures that use the sun's energy and an enclosed space to create a warm area in your garden. Gardeners use cold frames to get an early start on the spring gardening season and often grow greens in them in late fall.

Often used in the fall, floating row covers are put over plants when the nights get cold. They allow partial passage of sunlight, air and water, and are usually removed during warm days. They're great for using in the fall for greens and other vegetables. They're also handy for unexpected late spring frosts.

Polythene Grow Tunnels are made of solid plastic and create a warm, humid environment for fast plant growth. An end closure allows for access to the plants for watering, weeding and harvesting. The grow tunnels can help gardeners get a jump-start on the spring gardening season, as well as keep plants growing when the weather cools in the fall.

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