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When planning your next edible garden space, be sure to leave some room for this delightfully tart vegetable. Rhubarb makes an outstanding addition to fruit pies, cooked compotes and preserves. Though it is quite sour on its own, it mixes nicely with sweet fruits, such as strawberries, to create a complex flavor that can't be beat.

At Gardens Alive!, we stock only the best fruit and vegetable plants and seeds we can find, including KangaRhu™Rhubarb and Hardy Tarty™ Rhubarb. Both varieties are offered as top choice bareroot plants, ready to go into your garden at the proper planting time for your area. Rhubarb plants are a snap to grow and produce enough lip-smacking stalks for any applications you like, whether in baked goods or canned. Rhubarb can be frozen for later use, too.

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