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Container Gardening Supplies

Container Gardening Supplies from Gardens Alive

Whether you own a working farm, live in a sprawling city or rent a tiny studio apartment, you can grow your own unique garden with help from Gardens Alive! Our team has put together an impressive lineup of Grow Tub® fabric garden containers in a range of sizes and applications, easy-to-use drip irrigation systems and garden accessories to make your foray into container planting as quick and easy as possible.

For those with a bit more property, we offer a line of raised bed options that can be easily customized to accommodate virtually any type of produce plants. Grow Tub Container Mats keep water damage to decks at bay.

Choosing the Right Container Gardening Supplies & Raised Garden Bed Tools

How do you know what container supplies you need for gardening? We recommend that you start with determining what you want to grow. If you're new to gardening and want to start with a few herbs and lettuce, our 7-gallon Grow Tubs are the perfect size. But if you want to grow larger plants, like tomatoes, potatoes or blueberries, you'll need at 15- or 20-gallon Grow Tub. For those with more space and who are planning to grow more, we have raised garden bed options too.

Container Gardening Supplies: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

One of the advantages of container gardening is that you can control the soil for your plants. We recommend using a good quality potting mix and the lightweight coir bricks to fill your containers. When planning your container garden, consider whether your plants will need a trellis or other support and have them handy at planting time or shortly thereafter.

Using Container Gardening Supplies

Like your other gardening supplies, container gardening supplies can be used for several years when cared for properly.

How Planting Changes with Container Gardening Supplies

Many container gardeners say planting is easier with containers. Usually you can plant seeds earlier because the soil in the container is warmer--and you don't have to wait for the soil to dry out. Weed control, too, is easier. Usually your container soil doesn't have the amount of weed seed that ground-level soil contains. If a late spring or early fall frost threatens, you can move your container indoors.

Where to Store Your Container Gardening Supplies

Fall cleanup is easy with container gardening. At the end of the season, simply remove plant material from your Grow Tub, make sure the fabric is dry and fold flat for easy storage in a garage or gardening shed.

How to Care For Your Container Gardening Supplies

As with other gardening supplies, container gardening supplies can be damaged by wind, moisture and sunlight. To extend the life of your container gardening supplies, we recommend emptying them of dirt and plant material at the end of the growing season and storing them in a garage or shed for the winter. Back to Top

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