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Popcorn Whether paired with butter for a movie-style treat or lightly salted for a healthy snack, popcorn is always in use! If you've grown sweet corn--or even if you haven't--you'll find popcorn quite easy to grow. The key difference between popcorn and regular corn is the composition of its kernel. Popcorn kernels have a hard, moisture-resistant outer shell called the pericarp, which helps to trap moisture inside the kernel. When the kernel is heated, the moisture inside turns to steam and creates pressure, causing the kernel to explode and "pop" open. To grow popcorn, farmers typically choose varieties of corn that have a hard, durable pericarp and a starchy texture. The plants themselves are similar to regular corn, with long, narrow leaves and tall stalks that can reach heights of up to 8 feet. Popcorn is typically grown as a dry crop, meaning it can rely on natural rainfall to grow. Super simple and quite rewarding! Back to Top

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