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Save $25 on your order of $50 or more!
Offer Expires: February 29, 2020
  • Candy Hybrid Onion
    Varieties our experts can’t stop talking about!Yum
  • Evergreen White Bunching Onion
    Great for container gardening anywhere!Container
  • Seedmaster
  • Grow Tubs®
    Grow Tubs®
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    Direct Gardening Association Award Winners.Green Thumb Award
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  • Grow Tub® Container Mats
    Grow Tub® Container Mats
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  • Root Crops Alive!™
    Root Crops Alive!
    $7.99 – $19.99

If you haven't already tried a fresh onion, you may be shocked by the flavor difference compared to onions at the supermarket. Sulfurous phytonutrients cause your eyes to water when slicing an onion, but you'll be crying tears of joy when you realize their many health benefits! Onions have been associated with reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Onions also have anti-inflammatory properties and contain chromium, a hard to find mineral that helps balance blood sugar levels. Eat fresh or dry for later use!

Fun Fact

You can instantly get rid of onion breath by eating fresh carrots or parsley.

What is the best type of fertilizer for growing onions?

Root Crops Alive!™ Fertilizer increases yields of garlic, onions, beets, carrots and potatoes which all need the support of soil that's rich in potassium and phosphorus!

Onion pests and diseases

Onions require no spray and are trouble free!

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